“Accusing Mr. Darcy” received 5-Star Review by Indies Today

“Fans of Pride & Prejudice will find so much more than a clever variation in this fresh take on a classic novel. The background stories have changed, making for some interesting new dynamics and a completely original love story. The prose is as rich and warm as a fine brandy, while the setting is elegant and refined. Take a glorious step back in history and enjoy the resplendency of Accusing Mr. Darcy.”

Indies Today has given my “Pride & Prejudice” romance-mystery “Accusing Mr. Darcy” a fabulous 5-Star review! The full review can be seen here: https://indiestoday.com/accusing-mr-darcy-by-kelly-miller/

Fantastic Review of “Accusing Mr. Darcy” by author/blogger Colin Ridyard

It is wonderful to have your research for your novel appreciated by readers with knowledge of Regency history. Mr. Ridyard makes his expertise plain in his informative review of “Accusing Mr. Darcy.” I could not be more pleased than when he shared with me that his own parents had been dog breeders and utilized the now-obscure term “springing spaniels” for the breed known today as “springer spaniels.” His full review can be seen here:


Accusing Mr. Darcy Wins Multiple Awards

Winner, Romantic Suspense

“Accusing Mr. Darcy,” my Regency romance/mystery, a “Pride & Prejudice” variation, has won multiple awards:
Winner, Romantic Suspense, Firebird Book Awards
Winner, Romance, Queer Indie Awards, Ally Division
Finalist, Wishing Shelf Book Awards
Recommended Read, Author Shout Reader Ready Awards

“Accusing Mr. Darcy” is Free on KU, and available on Audible!

“I devoured the story and was sorry when it ended.”


“Accusing Mr. Darcy” Receives Glowing Reviews from two Bloggers

“I personally enjoyed this book more than I liked the original work, primarily because it was written as a murder mystery that actually kept me guessing throughout much of the novel. Complete with red herrings and other misdirects, it made for a fun read that was true to the period, although maybe not entirely to Austen’s text.” The first of two reviews for “Accusing Mr. Darcy on Nov. 9, 2020 came from Jathan and Heather’s blog. See the complete review here: https://jathanandheather.com/2020/11/09/accusing-mr-darcy/?fbclid=IwAR3bzjUtEhh7Z8TCR_3Jvv0gnuHiT4ubt_8MUgPFNopTmqFfnEJbf0KOicY

“You’ll most certainly not want to put it down until the final page, and when you get there, you will want more.” Becky Holland offered her own thoughts on “Accusing Mr. Darcy” at her blog, When the Leaves Speak. See her entire review here:


“Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley” reviewed by Canadian Artist/Author Margaret Lindsay Holton

“…Kelly Miller’s debut regency romance, Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley House’, was a thoroughly refreshing read.” Not only was the mother-vine of the English language used with alacrity and finesse, this well-paced novel kept my interest from the get-go.”

Read Margaret Lindsay Holton’s entire review and see examples of Holton’s artistic creations (painting, photography, furniture, film & books) at her fascinating blog here:


Blog Tour for “Mr. Darcy’s Perfect Match” Begins Today

I invite you to follow along as I visit with a number of gracious blog hosts. Besides multiple opportunities to win one of 8 e-books, the tour features excerpts from the book and posts on topics such as the Royal Menagerie and ghosts at the Tower of London. I hope to see you there!

Here is the schedule:

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February 6 Donadee’s Corner

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